Help … My Husband Wants me to Shave

CONFESSION: When Angel reached puberty, the emergence of her pubic hair had made her feel like a grown woman. Years later, when her husband began bringing home magazines featuring models with shaved vaginas, Angel sensed it would only be a matter of time before her husband asked her to whip out the razor. Sure enough, one day he did exactly that and, while she wanted to make her husband happy, she had trouble with the idea of her vagina looking like that of a Barbie Doll.

CONSEQUENCE: The consequence for indulging her husband’s whim was not devastating as she already knew how common the practice was. Angel felt “uncomfortable” but not angry. My questions to her were; “What makes you feel uncomfortable?” and “How might you feel better about what your husband wants?” (without resenting him, of course).

STRATEGY: I would determine the depth of Angel’s objections towards shaving off her pubic hair, and then educate her as to the advantages of a shaved vagina.

SOLUTION: Angel confided that she couldn’t think of any serious reason not to shave her pubis. She had never done it before and was not so old as to forget that her pubic hair had represented womanhood in her adolescence. I pointed out that the origins of a hairless pubis were hygienic. It was an aesthetic issue too, and many women preferred their male counterparts to have hairless crotches. The removal of pubic hair often eliminated odor, as sweat may make it odiferous. This may lead to a circumstance which is detrimental to oral sex.To impress upon her husband how “special” it was to “give her hair” to him, Angel was to let him do most of the shaving himself, and then to orally pleasure her.

They put her pubic hair in a locket which he kept attached to the chain on his pocket watch. Angel experienced some minor drawbacks to indulging her husband’s fantasy, such as temporary skin outbreaks and coarse hair, but she actually came to like shaving, and kept her pubis trimmed very short.

BENEFITS: The benefit was hygienic and added novelty to their sex life.

This is an excerpt from Confessions to a Sexologist: Peeking into the Sexual Secrets of America by Dr. Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D. Visit Dr. Ava’s bookstore at Loveology University — Loveology University Bookstore


2 Responses to Help … My Husband Wants me to Shave

  1. Jeff says:

    Yea, I wanted my wife to shave her’s too, but it was a firm NO! So I decided if I shaved smooth maybe she would. I got out my razor and shave my tool leaving just a small patch of hair above the shaft. She wasn’t happy at all. I went hairless while she retained hair down there. After a long time of her remain there one night while on vacation we were enjoying ourselves in the bedroom. During foreplay I got up and went in to the bathroom got my razor and cream. I went to her naked body, lathered up her pubes and started shaving her pubes. She never said a word, just watched me do it. Now both my wife and I are smoother down there and we like it.

  2. Keith says:

    I simply love a shaved or very trimmed pussy…looks better…better for oral….I do like a little above the clitty so I can venture above the clitty to suck on the hair a little. but kissing licking sucking all over the pussy is so much better sans hair. I shave my cock too because I want to feel the womans lips and tongue exclusively on my cock and around it and have no hair to buffer the sensations. Too my cock looks so much more handsone without bushy hair. Like the way it feels to me too without hair.

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