Raging Sexual Desire During Menstruation

CONFESSION: It was awfully unfair, Shirley lamented, that her sexual desires waxed and waned with her monthly cycle. First, she was miserable, the very thought of making whoopee made her want to scream and she felt about as sexy as a wet mop! But after her period started, look out world! Every fiber of her being awakened and craved to be touched and passionately caressed. For the duration of her menstrual cycle, the temporarily uninhibited Shirley was in such a heightened state of arousal that all she could think about was sex, sex, sex!  These wild mood swings each month tormented her and she wondered if other women experienced this horrible, out of control feeling. Was there no way for her to take charge of her emotions or to make her body obey her mind?

CONSEQUENCE: It can not always be possible, nor even healthy to try to control the human body. By not listening to what her body was telling her, Shirley could make her discomfort even worse, as some women require sexual release during their periods. Shirley should accept her arousal during menstruation as a positive rather than anegative sensation. While it was important to control herself, this was different than controlling the body. As a consequence, she could become out of sync

STRATEGY: To show Shirley that other women shared her condition, and to get her to accept her sexual changes positively.

SOLUTION: There are many aspects of a woman’s personality that can change with her monthly cycle, including premenstrual tension or irritability. These sorts of common complaints could be alleviated by medication, breathing exercises or warm baths. If Shirley’s sexual desires changed with her monthly cycle, there was no need to change them or be alarmed by them, unless they manifested themselves behaviorally. In her particular case, if she couldn’t find a lover who was willing to make love to her during her period, then she could masturbate as a way of relieving the intensification.

BENEFITS: This strategy would help Shirley accept herself more and became less resistant to her bodily reactions, which left her less frustrated.

This is an excerpt from Confessions to a Sexologist: Peeking into the Sexual Secrets of America by Dr. Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D. Visit Dr. Ava’s bookstore at Loveology University — http://www.loveologyuniversity.com/BookStore.aspx?a_aid=sward


One Response to Raging Sexual Desire During Menstruation

  1. naturegirl1 says:

    What this shows is that we (women) are all different! My peak of sexual drive (pre-menopause!) was always mid-cycle. The day my vaginal secretions turned to a more viscous consistency coincided with a rise in libido that could reduce my husband to tears!!
    True, I found that one day into my period could see a short rise in libido too, that was shortlived (12 to 18 hours max).
    Another thing, I sometimes found that intercourse (or at least fooling around enough to bring an orgasm)in the 48 hours before my period was due could induce an early start to my period. Almost as if the rush of endorphins stimulated my hormones!

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